Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Week In Food

I'm feeling very domestic lately. I just finished planning our meals for the week. Wanna see what we're having? I got a little carried away with all the new stuff I want to try - I blame it on all the cookbooks and magazines I got to read during our recent trip to LA.

Anyhoo - some of these are new recipes to try, so are old standbys (like the dumplings and curry chicken).

Tandoori Chicken Burgers

Curry Chicken . I make mine with coconut milk so it's low fat (note: sarcasm). I'll probably add some green beans and basil to the pot and serve it over steamed rice. yum.

Homemade Wontons in a soy/ginger broth. I usually make mine with ground pork, ginger, garlic, minced cabbage, sometimes some tofu. These are easy to make and so good. I'll jot the recipe down as I make them and post it here this week.

Beef Negimaki (basically it's alot like this recipe, except with beef)

Grilled pork Chops + Corn Fritters

Minestrone or Caldo Verde, haven't decided yet. I know it sounds weird to make soup in July, but I live on the San Francisco Peninsula - it isn't uncommon to wear a heavier coat sometimes when that fog comes rolling in over the hills!

Yes, this is really how we eat in our house. I'm always mixing in new stuff with the old standbys. Eating peanut free doesn't really come into the picture that much or prevent me from making too many kinds of foods.

BTW, I'm also working on some nifty peanut free snack recipes in the coming weeks (I'll see how many other allergens I can eliminate without making them taste like dirty, bland cardboard).

Are you trying anything new this week?


Michelle said...

Thanks for inspiring me! I keep telling myself I am going to do some major menu planning and we end up eating the same stuff every night. Parker (my daughter) has multiple food allergies (milk, egg, soy and peanut), but some of my amazing friends have sent some great allergy related cookbooks. You have inspired me to take them out tonight and do some planning. :) The meals sound delicious, by the way! And, I want to try that pulled pork recipe. I have one that I also make in my slow cooker for family gatherings, etc. but I'm always looking for a new twist. I usually serve mine on toasted buns with coleslaw on top. Okay, now I'm starving. :)

Alexis said...

What a great weekly menu! I can't wait to see your recipe for the wontons. They sound yummy!

What are some of your favorite cookbooks? I have been a Cooking Light subscriber for years, but canceled it this year, thinking I had enough recipes clipped. Lo and behold, I'm bored and looking for new inspiration for healthy meals. Cheers!