Monday, June 23, 2008

Short Vent...

Hey, insurance company.

Yeah, you. The one who kindly pays my and my daughter's doctors bills.

WHY do you make me wait 4 days in between refills for my daughter's epi pens? Why can't you just let me get the batch I need right then?

I'm going to be at the drugstore for the next three weeks at this rate.

Thank you, that's all.


Collegegirl said...

I TOTALLY hear you! Our insurance company once messed up and I am so glad that we were close with the pharmacy since they gave me a dose just in case!
Hang in there

Copeland Crew said...

I came upon your blog while searching for Epi-pen carriers. Thanks for the wide selection. I have two allergic kiddos and know your struggles. Love your blog and I have the same problems with my insurance... Figures!

Anonymous said...

File an appeal for prior approval - we had some issues with our insurance company and all I had to do was cite a few statistics and "scare" them a little (throw out the words negligence and stuff like that) and they now have a little note on our file that states we can get them whenever. Good luck!