Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Couldn't Do It...

Thanks for your comments on the last post.

I just couldn't do it though. We ended up getting one of those little Haagen-Daz single serving ice creams. She doesn't know any different, so she didn't care.

Someday though, I hope we can walk through the doors of BR and not have to worry.



Jenny said...

I love those little Haagen-Dazz one-serving cups! That's the type of thing we've served our daughter--what a godsend.

One of the other posters brought up "peanut dust" in the toppings that could be floating around. Excellent point.

Someone also pointed out that young teens are working at these places (usually) and they don't get it. That's a good point, but in my experience the younger restaurant workers acutally know people with food allergy. Of course I also want to trust anyone who serves my daughter food, but the younger generation hears about it more than you think.

After reading everybody's comments on the previous post, it reinforces how difficult this is for people. I think we should all write or e-mail BR and tell them our concerns. The squeaky wheel and all that....

Thanks for an important discussion

Jennifer B said...

I don't blame you for skipping BR.

Too bad we can't get Chapman's ice cream in the U.S. I also read about a nut-free ice cream parlour in Toronto: That'd be a hit in my neighborhood with all these peanut and nut allergic kids I see at the elementary school.

Jenny said...

I just got my FAAN newsletter and a mother wrote in to say that her 13-year-old had a peanut allergy reaction to soft serve ice cream. (They did not specify the ice cream store chain that the child had the bad reaction in.)

So I learned my lesson. My daughter will get only packaged ice cream--and maybe not even that depending on the venue.