Monday, April 21, 2008

Recipe Link

Did you know that some Super Target stores have grocery sections???? There aren't any in my area, so I'll just have to imagine them, longingly, in my mind.

I swear I would feel like I'd died and gone to heaven if I could kill two birds with one stone and shop at Target AND get my grocery shopping done.

I was on the Target site and saw their recipe section - they have a neat feature where you can tell them what you have on hand, and what you DON'T want in a recipe, and it will give you back a list of ideas.

In the screen shot at left (click on it for more detail), you'll see I put 'chicken' and 'rice' into the list of what I have on hand, 'peanuts' into the list of what I don't want, and I got 20 results. Note: I also put in just 'chicken' and got 200 recipes! So I guess it's better if you can narrow it down.

Anyhoo, you'd couldn't just put in 'dairy' or 'wheat' or 'tree nuts', as what you want to avoid, but with a little fine tuning of the keywords you use, you should be able to find recipes that work for you. But you could ideally eliminate recipes with cheese, milk, or cream if you had a milk or dairy allergy.

Is it haute cuisine,, gourmet, or food network even? No. But a majority of the recipes are submitted by visitors so I have a feeling they are very approachable and easy. They look like everyday recipes that a working mom (or a busy stay at home mom for that matter) could pull together for her family (and actually have them all eat).

Just another resource that is helping families with allergies, even in a small way like this (and even if they probably don't realize that we'll benefit from it). Being able to eliminate recipes that contain allergens can help a great deal in meal planning.

Now if I could just get to the grocery store....

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Kerry said...

Thank you for adding another reason to why Target is my favorite place on Earth!