Friday, April 18, 2008

Peanut Allergy Bully Gets What's Coming To Him

Justice is served.
Peanut butter crackers found in lunchbox; classmate charged
A Morton Middle School student faces felony charges after putting crumbled peanut butter crackers in the lunchbox of a student with a severe allergy to peanuts.
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Do you think the punishment was too severe?


Jennifer B said...

I think that the punishment was appropriate. I wonder what will happen when someone finally gets seriously hurt (or worse) as a result of one of these cruel pranks. These types of events make it hard for me to maintain a comfort level with plans to send my child to the nearby public elementary school.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I was going to yes to your questions, then I read the article. He knew the child had a peanut allergy and did it on purpose. And this is a middle school student not a young grade schooler who may not understand what he did. What if the middle school student threatened the other student with a knife? Really it's the same thing. So the punishment is fine.

Collegegirl said...

I agree with the punishment. The student was asked not to bring the peanut products to school, but they did. This middle-schooler intended on hurting this person. I think the punishment is fine!

Pez said...

I do not think it was too severe. It is a death threat and should be handled as such. Kudos to the school for handling the right way!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is too severe at all. My husband believes that it could be considered a death threat so to speak. Maybe even worse, attempted murder. I know we are stretching by saying that but it's how it feels to us.

Anonymous said...

The incident is a form of assulat and endangerment.

Childern are held accountable for their actions at the age of this child. This is a hard lesson, but lots of children that age "step into it" and nothing short of a proper response to their "gross error" and "aggressive" action toward another human being is appropriate.

What confuses me is I question why would tampering with the food of a classmate who has a life threatening reaction to food allergens and therefore cannot eat anything other than their own food or food prepared allergen free be less of a crime than any other action done to interfere with the safety of another person or a threat to their life?

Reckless endangerment and assault are crimes. It bothers me that there would be this ongoing debate simply because this was a food allergy incident.

But, the "debate" that has ensued reflects an overall misunderstanding of the conditon, and it is the overall misundersanding of the condition that opens up the ever present danger and strong possibility a classmate will endanger our food allergic children.

Food can kill, but that is not fully understood.

We need more education out there in general.

Those "lucky folks" not "YET" affected by this condition in their loved ones have trouble accepting and understanding that a life threatening reaction to food is as serious as stroke or heart attack.

Why would inducing an allergic reaction to food in a child be considered a "prank" in the movies and media while causing a person to suffer a stroke or heart attack be considered a unthinkable crime?

If this child as a driver endangered or killed their classmate in a car accident the general consensus would be that is a crime....sad and unfortunate, but the child would be held accountable.

Jenny said...

The kid who put the peanut cookie crumbs in the unsuspecting kid's lunch could have killed him! I applaud the actions that the school and law enforcement have taken because we just can't have this stuff going on. Some parents will probably protest but they don't understand the severity of the problem, clearly. Thank God the authorities took action in this case.

Gisele said...

This was a very serious crime, and should be punished as such. My daughter is allergic to peanuts, possibly severely (we never want to find out the degree of her allergy) and I live with the fear of accidental exposure, and to have to worry about such bullies is unthinkable.

This offense should be treated no differently than if the bully pulled a knife, or gun, or planted a bomb. Endangering a life is endangering a life, regardless of the means. Good for the aughorities!!! Thank God there are people who understand the seriousness of food allergies.

dupree said...

i absolutely agree with the punishment. that child could have died.

Anonymous said...

To me bringing peanut butter crackers and puttint them in that boys lunchbox is like bringing a loaded gun to school. Yes it fits the crime. We need people to understand that his isn't a sniffle that our kids get, it's serious life-threatening reactions. Hopefully that boy and his parents will think twice before ever trying this again. Justice served!!!

Annie said...

what about a child who is 8 years old and doing a special project with the principal of his school. This project was to grow tomatoe plants and the fertilizer had a peanut meal base. When brought to the principal's attention and offered different fertilizer she refused.. Child endangerment?

Anonymous said...

i am a fourteen-year-old girl with severe peanut allergies, and i want to say THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!!
i have been severely bullied practically all my life, and the school system thought i was crazy. i would go into the office and say i had recieved a death threat and everyone would sit up and take notice, but as soon as i mentioned peanut butter i got told it was no big deal and sent back to class. i also have this one science teacher, who i would love to punch in the face, who has brought peanut treats six times, five of which have caused me to need medication. as i write this i am sitting on my couch at home on a school day because she is having a lab with food today and i am scared. i mean, seriosly sacred, of my science teacher.
but hey, peanut mothers sit up and take notice! i have some rock-on news for you!!! severe peanut allergies are legally considered a disability, and there are service dogs for this!!! yes, service dogs!!! they find peanuts the same way a drug dog finds drugs!!! my dog will be fully trained and ready for me in just under two months. then the shoe will be on the other foot and i can give my science teacher a piece of my mind. anyone who wants one of these dogs, google texas, star, peanut, and dog together and you should find a link.
good luck, allergy sufferers!