Saturday, March 22, 2008

Warning - Peeps and Mini Cadbury Eggs

I just saw a warning about Canadian Mini Cadbury Eggs:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Cadbury Adams Canada are warning consumers with an allergy to hazelnut protein about some Cadbury regular milk chocolate Mini Eggs.
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Also, a nice reader of mine named Melissa alerted me that the Peep in a Chocolate Egg she bought for her child had a may contain peanuts/tree nuts warning on it (hidden in the ingredient listing so she didn't notice it at first). Yikes! Sneaky!

I just checked Bella's and it doesn't say anything in the ingredient list or on the package about may contain peanuts, but I'm withholding it from her Easter treats just in case.

If you have either of these candies, please take another look at the label just in case!

Have a Safe and Happy Easter!


Pez said...

I received the warning about the Mini eggs but fortunately our tree nuts allergies are just to walnuts, pecans and brazil nuts. No nut warning on the plain ol' peeps. Thanks for the heads up though!

My kids enjoyed their Vermont Nut Free chocolate Easter bunnnies. The piece of mind was well worth the price of them.

Happy Easter!

tam said...

Thanks Goodness I stole my 2 year olds mini Cadbury Eggs and ate them immediatley. Now I know my tighter pants are not in vain.

I made sunbutter cups with Divvies Chocolate chips and family couldn't tell it wasn't peanut butter. Thanks for all the tips.