Friday, March 7, 2008

Exercise Induced Food Allergies?

This article came up a Google alert of mine:

Dr. Collins: Watch out for exercise-induced food allergies

We have all heard that statement, "You are what you eat." For some athletes, it should be "You are as fast as you eat."

Food allergies are often difficult to investigate and identify. In athletes, there can be an even more complex syndrome where they tolerate a particular food in their daily life, but have an allergic reaction if they consume that food in conjunction with intense exercise.

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Pez said...

A friend of mine found out she had developed an exercise-induced allergy to wheat almost 8 yrs ago. In the years since she has developed it, she has now found that she cannot eat it at all without a reaction (hives).

Food allergies are so strange, aren't they? Still hoping for a cure for them!