Monday, February 4, 2008

Food Allergy Podcasts?

Hey there everyone -

I listen to ALOT of podcasts (it helps me concentrate while I'm designing at work), and I'm looking to expand my horizons.

I'm trying to find some food allergy-related podcasts and I've only found a couple. If you listen to food allergy podcasts (or others for that matter) and you have some to recommend, leave me a comment!

And just to get a feel for you guys and how familiar you are with podcasts, take the poll I just put up on the sidebar at the right of this post.



allergicmom said...

Which ones have you found so far? I've only found the Allergic Living one, and it's not a regularly scheduled one.

Gabs said...

The only other one I've found is Allergy News from They post about once or twice a month.