Monday, January 28, 2008

Meal Planning

I'm always looking for new ideas for meal planning - gotta keep my tiny child interested in eating so she gains weight (boy I wish I had that problem). Here are a few of my recent ' new finds' (that aren't new at all - just to me) :
Oh, and one last thing: Meal Prep Kitchens
I'm still contemplating going to one of those meal prep places (our local ones are called Sous Kitchen and Deeelish!). Have you ever tried one these places? I emailed Sous Kitchen about 6 months ago and they offered (very nicely I thought!) to let me come in early to prep my food before everyone else to minimize cross contamination. I've even noticed that their meals lately haven't really contained peanuts or nuts. Maybe they are changing their menus a bit to attract those families with nut allergies?

Something to consider or to avoid? What would you do?

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