Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jeffrey's Hamburgers - Menlo Park, CA

Mark and I had a 'date afternoon' last week and decided to try a new hamburger place near us in Menlo Park, CA. It's called Jeffrey's Hamburgers - a diner kind of place with burgers, shakes, fries, etc.

It was delicious. Tasty burgers. Good fries. Good onion rings. Great shakes. Clean and friendly. And not too spendy.

The best part? We can take Bella there. There are no peanut products AT ALL on the menu (and the staff confirmed that there are no 'hidden' peanut products in the food), just pecans on a salad they have there. At this point it's highly unlikely she'll be ordering a salad as an entree being 3 and all :).

Are they the best burgers in the universe? No, but they are good. But I can let my little girl have a shake there and not worry that she'll have a reaction. I can also let her order anything off the menu and not worry (I hate being the downer that tells her what she can and can't have when we go out).

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