Thursday, November 29, 2007

Completely Off Topic...But Holiday Related!

Hey there everyone. Just thinking about Christmas shopping. Mark and I have gotten to the point where we pretty much have everything we need/want (oh, except for that lear jet - hee hee), and anything we are really wanting we save for (oh who am I kidding we usually charge it and spend the next month or two paying for it) and buy it ourselves.

Where was I?

This time of year always makes me anxious, as there really isn't anything I want or need. So when folks and family start talking about what we're doing for gifts each year I just get uncomfortable. I know it sounds all hippie dippie, but I really would rather you make a donation in my name to a good cause. Rather than being burdened by something else I don't need (even if it's a nice gift) or something I really don't want, I suggested not giving anything to the adults in the family and just buying for the kids.

This was met with some - ahem- resistance. I guess I am in the minority. But I would rather folks spend $25 to help towards feeding someone, clothing someone, educating someone, or teaching them how to support themselves.

How do you feel?

I found a great list on Work It Mom! today with charity/donation gift ideas. Check it out. There's a charity for just about anyone on the list (and don't forget about local food banks in your area).

So this year, I am going to compromise. Each person will get a small gift from us, but along with it I will make a donation. I think some of my family members will be in for a shock when they get what to them will look like a donation to the Human Fund in their name. Here's hoping they'll feel all warm and fuzzy instead.

disclaimer: don't get me wrong - i like getting presents! i just don't like the feeling of going overboard each year (both receiving and giving).

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh I've tried the "Let's just buy for kids" thing too and was met with great resistance. It's not that I don't appreciate the gifts that I get, I really do, but I really have a hard time coming up things for other people and with 9 adults to buy for (at least $50.00 a pop) it gets to be pricey. And that doesn't include the kids. I try to come up with things that people will like, but I think I miss the boat every year. So this year everyone is getting gift cards. I'm sorry if it doesn't seem like I put any thought into it, but I think I've over thought it, and this is where I've ended up. IMO, and it's just my opinion, the gift giving part is really for the kids. What can people buy me that I don't already have (Corvette)? I feel like people are wasting money on me when I get things like a sweater (I'll never wear from some outlet mall I don't live by and can't return it to), a new skillet, body lotion my child is allergic to so I can't wear, etc. I think the charity idea is a good one. Maybe I'll try it next year :) How can you say NO to charity?