Thursday, November 1, 2007

Catalogs Carrying Food Warnings?

I was flipping through the latest Red Envelope catalog and came across two interesting things. The first is this awesome gingerbread house! When I was a teenager (a long, long time ago) I used to make gingerbread houses (think Martha Stewart), complete with windows made from melted sugar - the works! So I just love gingerbread houses. But I hate the super kitschy ones (sue me, I'm a gingerbread house snob :>).

But this one blew me away because it's modern! I love it. I am on a bit of a modern kick at home. So much so that I am trying to convince Mark that when we renovate, we do a midcentury style ala atomic ranch.

And what does this have to do with food allergies? Well, that's the second interesting thing I came across. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to see this included in the description:
modern gingerbread house

Every bit as edible as the original, this isn't your grandma's gingerbread house. We gave the classic holiday treat a mid-century makeover, complete with garage and rock garden. An unique gift and sure-fire conversation piece, it comes assembled and ready to enjoy. Once unwrapped, it should be eaten within 30 days. Left as decoration, it will keep for up to 12 months. Candies used for embellishment may contain nuts.
A may contain warning!!! Can you believe it?!?!

I don't recall seeing anything like this in the Harry & David catalog, or Dean & Deluca, or heck, even Williams-Sonoma (can you tell I am a foodie at heart or what?). Maybe this is the start of a great trend?

Even though the rock candy may contain nuts, I still may order this for my mantel. There's no way Bella could get to it there. Maybe I could shellac it?

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Pez said...

That is a very cool gingerbread house! I am tempted to buy one too! I love that mid-century style.

I too am glad to see that it has a warning (and that it is just on the candy). I hate when there is just a general warning and you don't know if it is for the gingerbread or the candy.