Sunday, September 9, 2007

And what do YOU eat?

On my other site I posted recently about how I go about planning our meals. It's a good system (but not without some faults - but hey, it's an evolving process) and it keeps me sane each week. I'm a bit OCD about it in some respect - I even keep my menus in a neat little pile next to my cookbooks. They serve as inspiration for me when I just can't think of anything new to make.

I'm always amazed at folks who ask, upon learning about Bella's PA, "my god, what do you eat?", as if there aren't ten million other options for us (I mean, I count ourselves as lucky - we only have a peanut allergy in our household. It could be so much more!).

So what are we having at Casa Peanut Free this week? Here you go:

Ribs. Coleslaw. Cornbread. Napkins. Yum.

Seafood Pasta. Bread. Salad.

Grilled Vietnamese Chicken over Rice Vermicelli (hold the peanuts!). Cucumber Salad.

Pork Tenderloin. Lemon Orzo. Salad. Bread.

Grilled Salmon Kebabs. Orange butter. Asparagus. Rice.

Kids are swimming. Eat out with cousins and inlaws. Probably pizza.

Baked pasta with chicken sausage. Salad. Bread.

I just noticed that I making alot of other people's recipes this week. I usually wing it more. So what are YOU having? Share please!


Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you for your blog. I just discovered it a week or two ago and love it. I have a peanut allergic 2 year old (he is also allergic to milk and eggs) and have often said that I wish there was a support group for parents with peanut allergic kids. Its scary and only a parent that lives with the eye that is always on the lookout for peanuts around every corner could understand.

You asked what's on the menu, well, here it is (its not nearly as exciting as yours!!) with adaptations noted:
Sun & Mon: Tacos

Tues: Marinated chicken, roasted potatoes

Wed & Thurs: Meatloaf (for my allergic child, he will eat a hamburger patty b/c of the milk & eggs in meatloaf)

Fri: Eat out at a "safe" restaurant

Sat: Smothered pork chops (allergic child's will be grilled due to the cream in the sauce)

There it is! Cooking for a child with a milk allergy is hard! As with the peanut allergy, you make whatever adaptations needed for the safety of your precious little one!

Gabs said...

Robyn - I'm so glad you like the site and I'm glad we've found eachother! I like your menu too - meatloaf sounds awesome (I'll be adding that to next week's menu!). I also like to see that you eat out too (some folks don't - I can't imagine not though). Anyhoo, check back for more menus. I'll try to add them each week.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I need to start doing this whole planning meals thing. I'm so bad at it. If I don't get better my poor family's gonna end up eating green beans and pudding for dinner!

Anonymous said...

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